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enTourage eDGe content store closes, hardware could be discontinued next

The enTourage eDGe and Pocket eDGe are two of the most bizarre mobile devices to hit the market in the last few years. They’re dual-screen devices running Google Android. One screen is an E Ink display while the other is a color LCD. You can run Android apps on the LCD screen or read eBooks […]

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Amazon tablets could have quad-core chips, dual mode (color and monochrome) displays

Amazon execs haven’t officially come out and said that the company is working on an Android tablet. But there’s growing evidence that a line of Amazon tablets could launch later this year. CEO Jeff Bezos told Consumer Reports to “stay tuned” for more details recently, which is pretty far from a denial. Last week Boy […]

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Velocity Micro Cruz 7″ Android tablet for $80 from Woot today

The Velocity Micro R101 Cruz Reader isn’t a speed demon. It doesn’t have a super high resolution display. It doesn’t run the latest version of Android. Let’s face it, as Android tablets go, it’ snot all that impressive. But here’s the thing: It’s cheap. The Cruz R101 has a list price of $150, but you […]

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Sharp Galapagos tablet hits the FCC

A few days ago we received confirmation that Sharp plans to offer its 5 and 10 inch Galapagos tablets in the US. Today the company is one step closer, as documents have been filed with the FCC for at least one of those tablets. There are a few photos of a Galapagos tablet, or the […]

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Sharp introduces two new Android powered eBook readers

Sharp is jumping into the Android tablet space with the launch of two new tablets designed to work with the company’s new eBook service. The Galapagos tablets are due out in December, and will be able to access a library of 30,000 books, newspapers, and magazines at launch. One model will feature a 5.5 inch, […]

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Qualcomm reportedly investing $2 billion in Mirasol color eReader displays

While Pixel Qi has been grabbing a lot of headlines for its dual-mode LCD displays which can function as full color laptop or tablet screens or low power, high contrast eReader displays, the company isn’t the only game in town. Qualcomm has been working on its own solution: a low power eReader display with a […]