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Lilbits: Fitbit recalls its first smartwatch, Amazon closes its physical bookstores, and new Apple hardware is on the way

Apple has scheduled an event for March 8, where the company is likely to unveil new hardware that could include an updated iPhone SE and iPad Air and one or more new Mac computers sporting Apple Silicon chips. In other hardware news, Nothing plans to launch something soon: the company’s first smartphone. Google’s Pixel 6a […]

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Fortnite returns to iOS… via GeForce Now game streaming closed beta

Epic Games launched a mobile version of Fortnite for the iPhone in 2018. But it’s been unavailable since 2020 when Apple removed the game from the App Store after Epic deliberately violated App Store rules for in-app payments and kicked off a long-running legal battle. But now Fortnite is coming back to iOS devices. Sort […]

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Lilbits: HTC Vive Flow, Apple’s Macs with M1X chips, Google v Epic, and more

That HTC Vive Flow virtual reality headset that we learned about earlier this week? Now we know what it looks like, thanks to a series of leaked images posted by Evan Blass. While we’ll have to wait until Thursday for an official announcement, the Vive Focus sure looks like HTC’s answer to the Oculus Quest […]

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Apple appeals the Epic Games ruling, asks for stay on order to (sightly) loosen App Store restrictions

Apple is appealing a court ruling from September that would have required it to allow iPhone and iPad app developers to accept in-app payments using third-party payment systems. Currently not only does Apple require developers to use Apple’ own in-app payment service, with Apple taking a 30% commission on all purchases, but the company prevents […]

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Lilbits: Epic v Google, Unisoc v the world, and Inking on the web

Epic Games filed lawsuits against Apple and Google last year, claiming their anti-competitive practices prevented companies like Epic from offering their own in-app stores or payment systems, among other things. Now new details are emerging as part of that lawsuit that shines more light on some of Google’s alleged steps to try to crush competition. […]

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The Epic Games Store is now an app store too (starting with Spotify)

The Epic Games Store made a splash when it first launched as a Steam competitor in early 2019, at least partly due to Epic’s decision to give away at least one game for free every week. But now it looks like Epic isn’t stopping with games. Epic CEO Tim Sweeney just announced the first non-game […]

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Lilbits: A handheld Nintendo Wii, a $200 OnePlus smartphone, and TuneIn drops out (one of its Pro features)

Some folks like to play classic console games by using emulators on smartphones, tablets, or handheld game systems with modern hardware. And then there’s the community of Nintendo Wii hackers who literally cut Nintendo’s 2006 game console down to size and stuff the components inside of custom cases. We’ve seen projects that put a Wii […]

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How to install Fortnite on Android (now that it’s gone from the Play Store)

The developer of the wildly popular battle royale game Fortnite launched their own battle against Apple and Google this week. In a well-orchestrated series of moves, Epic intentionally broke the rules of the App Store and Google Play, which resulted in Fortnite being kicked out of both stores… and in response Epic file lawsuits against […]

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Google reports vulnerability in Fortnite installer for Android, Epic issues patch

You know how Epic Games decided to bring their popular game Fortnite to Android, but not to distribute it via the Google Play Store? Yeah, it turns out there was a pretty big security vulnerability in the installer, or at least the version that was made available through the Samsung Galaxy Apps store. Google discovered […]

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Fortnite launches on Android (as a Samsung exclusive for a few days)

Popular video game Fortnight is now available for Android, sort of. The game, which is already available for PC, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch launched on iOS earlier this year. And starting today you can use it on an Android device… if you have a relatively recent Samsung smartphone or tablet. Fortnite for Android is […]