Google reports vulnerability in Fortnite installer for Android, Epic issues patch

You know how Epic Games decided to bring their popular game Fortnite to Android, but not to distribute it via the Google Play Store? Yeah, it turns out there was a pretty big security vulnerability in the installer, or at least the version that was made available through the Samsung Galaxy Apps store. Google discovered […]

Fortnite launches on Android (as a Samsung exclusive for a few days)

Popular video game Fortnight is now available for Android, sort of. The game, which is already available for PC, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch launched on iOS earlier this year. And starting today you can use it on an Android device… if you have a relatively recent Samsung smartphone or tablet. Fortnite for Android is […]

Meltdown mitigation updates have either very little impact on performance… or a lot, depending on the task

The Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities disclosed this week affect millions of PCs, servers, and mobile devices. The good news is that companies have been busy rolling out software updates that should make it less likely that someone will exploit one of these vulnerabilities to steal your personal data. Some of those patches affect your personal […]