Nemeio customizable keyboard with ePaper keys hits Kickstarter Nov 9

Almost two years after we first went hands-on with a prototype, the makers of the Nemeio customizable keyboard with ePaper keys is almost ready for purchase… or at least pre-order. A Nemeio Kickstarter campaign is set to launch on November 9th, giving you a chance to reserve a keyboard and perhaps save some money… although […]

Onyx launches two new E Ink tablets with 13.3 inch and 10.3 inch displays

Amazon may not make eReaders with screens larger than 7 inches, but a handful of other companies continue to do so – they just tend to be expensive, especially when they also pack features like pen support and lights with adjustable color temperature. The latest examples? Onyx has two new eReaders with large E Ink […]

The Open Book eReader will be a real thing you can buy eventually

Developer Joey Castillo’s Open Book is a work-in-progress eBook reader featuring a small E Ink display, open source software, and open hardware — detailed descriptions of most components are printed right on the circuit board. I wrote about the Open Book Project in December, and since then a few key things have happened. The hardware […]