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EnkPi boards combine E Ink displays with Raspberry Pi Pico W (crowdfunding)

The InkPlate 2 isn’t the only new electronic paper display to hit Kickstarter this week. The EnkPi family of devices are a line of a ePaper boards that come in 2.9 inch, 4.2 inch, 5.83 inch and 7.5 inch sizes. Each is mounted to a custom printed circuit board with 6 programmable buttons, and powered […]

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Inkplate 2 is a programmable 2.13 inch ePaper display with WiFi (crowdfunding)

The InkPlate 2 is a 2.13 inch, 212 x 104 pixel, 3-color electronic paper display with support for black, white, and red. It’s also designed to be an inexpensive, programmable, hacker-friendly low-power device that can be used for a wide range of applications. It’s up for pre-order for $35 and up during a Kickstarter crowdfunding […]

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Lilbits: Sony PS VR2 coming in Feb for $550, when Ryzen 9 isn’t faster than Ryzen 7, and goodbye Google Hangouts (again)

It’s been six years since Sony released the PlayStation VR accessory, bringing support for virtual reality games to PlayStation game consoles. At the time its $399 price tag was very competitive, and its specs weren’t too bad by 2016 standards. Now Sony is getting ready to launch a 2nd-gen model featuring a higher-quality display and […]

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Amazon Kindle Scribe is a 10.2 inch E Ink writing slate for $340

Amazon’s new Kindle Scribe is the company’s first large-screen E Ink device since the company canceled the Kindle DX. It’s also the company’s first Kindle that supports pen input. While other members of the Kindle family are designed for reading eBooks, the Kindle Scribe can be used for reading and writing thanks to its 10.2 inch E […]

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Lilbits: OSOM V1 will be Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 powered, ONEXPLAYER working on a handheld with Ryzen 6000U

Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor is expected to bring a 10% boost in CPU and graphics performance and a 20% improvement in AI performance when compared with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, while also lowing power consumption by as much as 30%. So it’s no surprise that a bunch of phone makers plan […]

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E Ink Gallery 3 displays for eReaders will bring more color and higher contrast

E Ink has been getting serious about color display technology over the last few years. In just the past month or so, the company introduced its Gallery Plus technology which brings support for more colors to electronic paper digital signage, and Kaleido 3 technology that brings better color saturation to eBook readers. Now the company […]

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E Ink’s Kaleido 3 bring more saturation to color ePaper displays

For the past two decades, E Ink’s electronic paper displays have largely been stuck in the black and white area. But over the past few years the company has started producing color screens for digital signage, eBook readers, and tablets. E Ink’s version of color still doesn’t look quite as vibrant as what you’d get […]

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E Ink’s Digital paper Tablet is a white-label Android tablet with an ePaper display and pen support

E Ink is probably best known for making the displays that power Amazon’s Kindle eReaders and similar devices, as well as screens for digital signage and price tags. But now the company has announced what appears to be a white label Android tablet designed for use in classroom or professional use. The new Digital Paper […]

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Huawei MatePad Paper is a 10.3 inch E Ink tablet

Huawei has been selling tablets under the MatePad brand for years, but for the most part they’ve been Android-powered devices with full color displays. The new Huawei MatePad Paper is something different: it’s a device with a 10.3 inch, 1872 x 1404 pixel grayscale E Ink display and pen support running Huawei’s own HarmonyOS software. […]