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Lilbits: Digital Posters with 42 inch E Ink displays, Steam ends support for older Windows versions

Device makers have been using E Ink displays for eBook readers for two decades. But in recent years E Ink has been pushing into other areas including wearables, signage, and even architectural applications. Now the company is partnering with Sharp to bring “Digital Posters” to Japan. Here’s a roundup of recent tech news from around […]

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Lilbits: More Pixel 7 leaks, DIY magnetic charger for the Framework Laptop, and Linux 6.0

The Framework Laptop is modular, repairable, and upgradeable. And thanks to an Expansion Card system, you can replace any of the four ports with another port, an SSD, or other accessories. You can also design your own, and one person decided to make a magnetic charging Expansion Card. One of the nifty things about the […]

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BlackBerry’s Android apps will reach end of life this summer

BlackBerry recently announced it was shutting down the legacy services that allowed phones running BlackBerry OS to make calls, send and receive text messages, and more. But that shutdown would only affect older phones running BlackBerry’s operating systems and not newer BlackBerry-branded phones running Android. But the company has been slowly pulling the plug on […]

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BlackBerry OS devices may stop working on January 4, 2022

BlackBerry stopped shipping phones and tablets with its own software years ago, switching to Android in 2015 before shifting from a hardware company to a software company and outsourcing design of BlackBerry-branded phones to other companies. But if you’ve been hanging onto an older BlackBerry phone running BlackBerry OS, you’ve been able to continue using […]

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Chromebook lifespans creeping upward: some models get 9 years of OS updates

Buy an old Windows laptop and you’ll probably be able to keep installing Windows updates until you decide that your system doesn’t have enough RAM or a fast enough processor to meet your needs anymore. Buy a Chromebook and the clock has already started ticking on software updates. Google guarantees to deliver OS updates for […]

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Check Google’s Auto Update policy before buying older Chromebooks

It’s been nine years since the first Chromebook went on sale. And it’s been four years since Google released any software updates for that device. When Chrome OS was brand new, Google promised to deliver operating systems for at least 4 years from the release date of each Chromebook. Eventually the company extended that to […]

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Microsoft extends Windows 10 version 1709 support by six months (coronavirus)

More than 245,000 cases of COVID-19 have been reported globally so far, and over 10,000 people have died. Many governments around the world are responding by ordering businesses to close and people to stay at home as much possible. And that’s leading tech companies to take unusual steps. Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube have agreed to […]

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Windows 7 support is ending — what do you do now?

Microsoft is pulling the plug on Windows 7 support, which means that the decade-old operating system will get its final security update today. You can continue using Windows 7 indefinitely — aside from a nag screen that will likely pop up to let you know support has ended, nothing will change. But Windows 7 will likely […]

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Pour one out for Windows 10 Mobile as it reaches end of support

Microsoft’s next smartphone is expected to ship next year, and when it does, the Microsoft Surface Duo will be running Google’s Android operating system. That’s a shift from the company’s earlier strategy — Microsoft used to make its own smartphone operating systems. But over the past decade the market share for Windows phones has diminished […]

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Google extends the software lifespan of more Chromebooks

Chromebooks are simple, relatively secure computers that download operating system and security updates automatically… for a set period of time. When Google first launched Chrome OS, the company promised to deliver 5 years of updates from the release date of each Chromebook or Chromebox. Eventually the company raised that do 6.5 years. And recently Google […]