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RetroPie now works with the Raspberry Pi 4 (turn the $35 PC into a retro game console)

RetroPie is an open source operating system designed to transform a Raspberry Pi into a retro game system. Version 4.6 is out this week, and for the first time it adds official support for the Raspberry Pi 4. RetroPie is basically what you get when you take the Raspbian operating system, load it up with […]

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Switch Online NES emulator hacked to run unofficial ROMs

As promised, Nintendo’s Switch Online service finally went live yesterday. One feature that had Switch owners particularly excited was its library of classic NES titles. The selection of games is somewhat limited right now… but hackers have already solved that little problem. That’s right. It took less than 24 hours for Switch modders to figure […]

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RetroPie 3.0 turns Raspberry Pi into a classic game console

RetroPie is a project that turns the tiny Raspbery Pi computer into a vintage game system. It’s an operating system based on Raspbian Linux, but what makes RetroPie special is that it comes with a set of emulators that lets you play classic video games. It also includes support for gamepads and joysticks. RetroPie version […]

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JXD S7100 is an Android-powered handheld gaming console

Android phones and tablets are great for playing games — but they work best with games that are designed for touch-based controls. Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, or Jelly Defense work great because they were designed for touchscreen devices. But if you fire up a Nintendo or Playstation emulator, the on-screen controls can get in the […]