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BeagleBone GamingCape turns BeagleBone Black into a GameBoy (emulator)

The BeagleBone Black is a $45 device that you can use as a computer, hardware prototyping board, or a number of other projects. It’s kind of like a cross between an Arduino and a Raspberri Pi. And it turns out you can use one as the brains of a pretty awesome handheld gaming console. Max […]

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Chromecast hack: Running a Gameboy emulator

Google Chromecast is a $35 device designed to let you stream internet videos to your TV. But developers are already starting to port third party apps to run on the platform — and we’re not just talking about using Google’s SDK to stream video from websites and apps that wouldn’t otherwise be supported. One developer […]

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Dolphin Gamecube/Wii emulator hits Android, runs like crap on current hardware

There’s good news and bad news for folks that’ve been waiting to play Nintendo Gamecube or Wii games on a smartphone. The good news is that the first emulator is now available for Android. The bad news is that it’s incredibly buggy, and your phone, tablet, or Android game console probably isn’t powerful enough to […]

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Ouya game console will support N64, NES, other classic console emulators

The first Ouya $99 video game consoles are expected to ship next week to customers who backed the team’s Kickstarter campaign. Users will be able to download and play games on their TV using the small Android-powered game system. While most of those games will be Android titles optimized for use with a gamepad and […]

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Dolphin Emulator could bring Wii, GameCube games to Android… eventually

Dolphin is an emulator that makes it possible to run Nintendo GameCube and Wii titles on a device that’s not a GameCube or a Wii. Right now that pretty much means a Windows or Mac computer with fairly powerful hardware. But the developer is also working to bring the Dolphin Emulator to Android. Dolphin for […]

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Wine on Android could eventually let you run Windows apps on Android devices

Wine is a compatibility layer that makes it possible to run some Windows apps on non-Windows operating systems. For the most part this means running Windows games and  other software on computers running Linux. But one day you may be able to use Wine to run Windows desktop apps on an Android phone or tablet […]

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RetroArch lets you play classic PS1, NES, GameBoy games on Android… and much more

Developers have been offering video game console emulators for Android almost as long as Android’s been around. While there are some top notch games designed for Android, there’s nothing quite like firing up an emulator to play Final Fantasy VII on your phone. Up until now if you wanted to handle PlayStation, NES, Sega Genesis, […]

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Winulator lets classic Windows games, apps run on Android (video)

You know how people are always saying today’s smartphones have more processing power than the computers that sent the first rockets to the moon? Well, not only is that true, but odds are your smartphone is faster than the desktop PC you were using in the early 90s. So why can’t you run some 90s-era […]

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Archos GamePad tablet crosses the FCC threshold on way to US launch

The Archos GamePad is a 7 inch Android tablet with a touchscreen display and video game controllers built into the side of the tablet. As the name (and design) suggest, the tablet is designed to play games, and it features function buttons similar to those you’d find on an Xbox or PlayStation controller. Archos hasn’t […]