Microsoft brings x64 emulation to Windows on ARM

Windows on ARM was supposed to deliver the best of the both worlds: the low power consumption, long battery life, and always-connected capabilities that come with ARM-based chips, and compatibility with millions of Windows applications. In practice, it’s been more of a mixed bag. Not all Windows applications have been compatible, and performance hasn’t always […]

Wine 3.0 released (Run Windows programs on Linux… and some Android devices)

Wine is an emulation compatibility layer that makes it possible to run some Windows applications on computers using GNU/Linux, macOS, BSD, and similar software, and recently Wine developers have been working on bringing support for Windows applications to Android devices with x86 processors as well. Now Wine 3.0 is out, and the latest version includes […]

Wine 3.0 could bring Windows app support to Android by end of 2017 (sort of)

Developer of the open source Wine project have been making it possible to run some Windows applications on GNU/Linux and Mac computers for more than two decades. Now the team is getting ready to launch WINE 3.0. Among other things, the next major release will update the default version from Windows XP to Windows 7, […]

Intel makes not-so-subtle threat to Qualcomm and Microsoft over plans to emulate x86 tech for ARM chips

Microsoft plans to release a new version of Windows 10 that runs on devices with ARM-based chips from Qualcomm. Unlike earlier versions of Windows-on-ARM, the new operating system will include an emulation layer that lets you run Win32 apps, which means that millions of programs which couldn’t run on Windows RT (or Windows 10 Mobile, […]

CrossOver is bringing Office 2013 support to Chromebooks

CrossOver Android is a utility that makes it possible to run some Windows software on Android devices with Intel processors. The developers at CodeWeavers released an initial beta last summer, and a new Tech Preview is coming soon. CodeWeavers president James Ramey says the update includes a new user interface and support for more apps […]

Qualcomm and Microsoft: ARM chips will support desktop Windows software in 2017

Soon you may be able to run desktop Windows software on devices with ARM-based processors. Rumors had suggested that Microsoft was working to add support for ARM chips to future versions of Windows 10 by making it possible for 64-bit ARM processors to emulate x86 chip architecture. Now Qualcomm has confirmed that this is true, […]