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AMD goes “ambidextrous,” will produces ARM, x86 chips in 2014

AMD is unveiling is roadmap for next-generation processors for servers and embedded computing devices, and for the first time ARM-based chips are on the map. In addition to next-generation x86 chips and discrete graphics chips for embedded devices, the company plans to start offering ARM-based chips in 2014.   AMD’s first ARM-based chips will be […]

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AMD acknowledges plans for ARM-based embedded chips

AMD has just launched a new line of G-Series processors for embedded applications such as smart TVs and set-top-boxes or digital signage. The company’s G-Series processors tend to be low-power x86 chips with an emphasis on graphics capabilities. The new G-Series chips are based on AMD’s new “Jaguar” architecture and feature AMD Radeon 8000 graphics, […]

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Quanmax introduces QBOX Mini-1000 fanless PC with Intel Atom chip

The Quanmax QBOX Mini-1000 is a tiny computer designed for embedded applications. It measures just 5″ x 3.3″ x 0.75″, but this little computer has an Intel Atom processor that supports a range of operating systems including Windows 7, Windows CE, and Linux. The QBOX Mini-1000 has a 1 GHz Intel Atom E640T processor with a TDP of 3.6W. […]

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AMD updates G-Series chips for low-power devices

Chip-maker AMD is best known for producing processors for laptop and desktop computers. But the company also sells a line of low-power processors for embedded platforms such as medical appliances or point-of-sale devices (like cash registers). Today the company is introducing its latest low-power chip, the AMD Embedded G-T16R APU. It’s a processor with a […]

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Habey SOM-6670 Atom-based platform can display two HD videos at the same time

Intel’s Atom chips are designed first and foremost to offer low power consumption. Generally that’s meant that they haven’t been high performance chips when it comes to tasks that require more processing or graphics power. But Intel’s Tunnel Creek platform for embedded systems actually has some pretty impressive graphics chops. The folks at Habey have […]

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AMD introduces new low power G-Series fusion chips for fanless computers

AMD has been shedding its reputation as a company that makes powerful, but power-hungry chips. The 9 Watt AMD C-50 dual core processor can go head-to-head with Intel’s latest Atom chips for netbooks in terms of performance and power consumption, while the AMD E-350 chip uses just 18W, or less than half the power of […]

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VIA launches Nano X2 E-Series low power chips

Chip maker VIA has unveiled a new version of its Nano X2 processor called the VIA Nano X2 E-Series. It’s a dual core 64-bit chip designed for embedded systems. In other words, you probably won’t find the E-Series in a netbook or tablet anytime soon, but it could be used in televisions, set-top-boxes, point-of-sales systems […]