VIA launches Nano X2 E-Series low power chips

Chip maker VIA has unveiled a new version of its Nano X2 processor called the VIA Nano X2 E-Series. It’s a dual core 64-bit chip designed for embedded systems. In other words, you probably won’t find the E-Series in a netbook or tablet anytime soon, but it could be used in televisions, set-top-boxes, point-of-sales systems […]

Toradex’s xiilun claims to be world’s smallest Atom E6xx PC

Toradex has introduced a tiny computer with an embedded Intel Atom E6xx chip called the xiilum. It’s based on the company’s latest Topaz.  The aluminum die-cast housing is just 6 x 8.9 x 1.6 cm. x86 single board computer (SBC) featuring the Atom chip and Intel EG20T chipset. Toradex says the xilium is the world’s […]

AMD introduces G-Series Fusion chips for embedded systems

AMD’s new low power Ontario and Zacate chips have been getting a lot of attention recently. These are the first chips for consumer laptop and desktop computers from AMD to combine the CPU and GPU onto a single chip. The company’s codenamed for the platform is Fusion, and AMD calls the new type of chip […]

VIA ART-3000: Embedded PC or nettop?

VIA is marketing its new ART-3000 mini-PC as an embedded solution for industrial and commercial purposes. But you know what? This little guy has enough oomph to function halfway decently as a low power, small form factor desktop. Or as SlashGear points out, you could use it as the basis for a carputer, thanks to […]