FeedBurner goes into “maintenance mode” in July (Update your email or RSS subscriptions)

Google announced in April that it would turn off some key features for FeedBurner in July. And now that the dates is approaching, the company says the once-ubiquitous tool used by web publishers to dress up their RSS feeds is going into “maintenance mode.” For users, the biggest change is that if you subscribed to […]

Thunderbird 78 open source email client released (Dark Mode & integrated Calendar and Tasks)

The latest stable version of the free and open source Thunderbird email client is now available for download for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Thunderbird 78 is an extended-support release (ESR) that includes a number of changes from last year’s Thunderbird 68 ESR. Calendar and Tasks functionality has been built into Thunderbird, so you don’t need […]

Newton Mail is back from the dead (again) and this time it’s going open source

Newton Mail has had a rough couple of years. The cross-platform email app offered a bunch of nifty features and earned itself a bit of a fan base — but the company must have had a tough time making money because it announced plans to double its price in 2018… then announced it was shutting […]

Mozilla moves Thunderbird email client to a new subsidiary called MZLA

The Mozilla Foundation’s most popular and well-known product is the free and open source Firefox web browser. But the organization has been developing the Thunderbird email client for nearly as long. Mozilla released the first build of Firefox in September, 2002 and the first version of Thunderbird in July, 2003. But in the years since […]

Gmail turns 15, finally lets you schedule emails for future delivery

Today Google is an enormous company that makes the world’s most widely used operating system, software laptops, desktops, and tablets, speakers and displays powered by AI virtual assistants, media streamers, thermostats, security cameras,  and WiFi routers, among other things. But fifteen years ago Google was pretty much just the world’s most popular search engine (and […]

Computer history Museum releases Eudora email client source code

Before email was something you could access on the web, on your phone, or via Outlook, there were a handful or primarily text-based email applications such as Elm and Pine. One of the first popular email utilities to feature a graphical user interface was Eudora, created for Mac computers by Steve Dorner in 1988. Qualcomm […]

Thunderbird open source email client looks to the future

It’s been nearly 5 years since Mozilla announced that it was going to stop investing heavily in development of the open source Thunderbird email application in order to focus on the much more popular open source Firefox web browser. But over the years it’s become clear that Thunderbird isn’t exactly dead. Development of new features may […]

Outlook for Android exits beta, gains IMAP, customizable swipe gestures, and more

Microsoft launched a preview version of Outlook for Android about three months ago, and now the company is comfortable removing the “preview” label. Outlook for Android now supports email from providers that use IMAP as well as from Exchange servers, Outlook.com, Gmail, iCloud, and Yahoo. The latest version of the app also has a few other improvements. […]

Gmail for Android adds unified inbox (view Outlook, Yahoo, and Gmail accounts together)

Google’s Gmail app for Android is more than just an app for viewing Gmail messages. You can also add Exchange, IMAP, or POP email accounts from other services… and starting today you can view messages from all of your email accounts in one place. Google has updated the Gmail app with a unified inbox, among […]