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eLocity A7 Android tablet turns out to have limited multitouch

The eLocity A7 Android tablet has been getting a lot of attention recently, as one of the first Android tablets available in the US to sport an NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual core processor, Android 2.2, and a capacitive, multitouch display. That ain’t a bad set of features for a $299 device. Unfortunately, it’s starting to […]

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eLocity A7 Android tablet is now reportedly shipping

The eLocity A7 Android tablet has gotten a lot of attention this year, first because it was slated to be one of the first devices to ship with an NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual core chip, and then because the company missed its estimated ship date by a few months. But the company says the eLocity […]

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Stream TV eLocity A7 tablet still isn’t shipping yet

You know how some products just seem like they’re taking forever to hit the market because it’s been so long since we first heard about them, and other products really are taking forever… because they keep missing their estimated ship dates. Yeah, it looks like the Stream TV eLocity A7 tablet is falling into the […]

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Video-centric eLocity A7 Android tablet coming soon

While most companies are busy touting their upcoming Android tablets as web-surfing, app-running, game-playing powrhouses, Stream TV Networks is taking a different approach with its upcoming eLocity A7 tablet. This little Android tablet will be up for pre-order starting on August 24th, and Stream TV is touting its multimedia capabilities. The company says the tablet […]