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Elephone PX smartphone has a dual-camera pop-up selfie shooter

Smartphone makers have been coming up with creative solutions to the question of where you hide the camera on a bezel-free phone. Apple (and a lot of other companies) stuck it in a notch in the screen. Vivo created a phone with a pop-up camera. And Oppo, Xiaomi, Huawei, and Lenovo opted for a slide-down screen […]

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Elephone smartphone prototype: Slim bezels, ultra-wide display, physical home button

Chinese smartphone maker Elephone is showing off pictures of a new phone that looks more than a little like rival Xiaomi’s Mi Mix. Like the Mi Mix, Elephone’s new device has super-slim left, right, and top bezels with a bit of a bezel below the screen. But the Elephone model has one thing Xiaomi’s phone does […]

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Is a smartphone without third-party apps really “smart?”

Want a smartphone that’s secure from prying eyes? The UnaPhone Zenith purports to be about as secure as it gets: Not only does the phone’s Android-based operating system lack the Google Play Store and other Google services… it prevents you from installing any third-party apps. The phone does come with more than 40 apps pre-installed, including music, […]

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Elephone smartphone to have 2K display, 4GB RAM, Android and Windows support

Chinese phone maker Elephone has some impressive devices in its lineup, including the new Elephone P7000 with a 5.5 inch, full HD display, 3GB of RAM, Android 5.0, and a fingerprint scanner. But the company has something even more unusual in the works: a phone which will be able to run Android 5.0 or Windows […]

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Lilbits (8-19-2014): OneNote for Android tablets

Microsoft OneNote lets you scribble notes, create checklists, add audio or video notes, and sync your notes across a range of devices. OneNote used to be bundled with Microsoft Office but over the past few years it’s taken on a life of its own — especially on mobile devices including phones and tablets. Now Microsoft has […]