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RadioShack bankruptcy: Sprint will take over some stores, others will close

As expected, RadioShack has filed for bankruptcy. The US electronics retailer currently has about 4,000 stores, but the company plans to close more than half of them and liquidate its assets. But some locations could live on, thanks to a deal with Sprint and hedge fund Standard General. Last year Standard General led a group […]

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Amazon launches electronics trade-in store, gives credit for used gadgets

Amazon has expanded its trade-in program to include electronics. Customers could already trade-in DVDs, textbooks and other items for credit toward future Amazon purchases. Now you can also send in used tablets, smartphones, and other device. You can get up to $143 for a current generation iPod touch, up to $497 for an iPad 2 and […]

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HP memristors could replace DRAM, flash in a few years

HP researchers say the company could begin commercial production of memory resistors (memristors) by mid-2013, providing an alternative to today’s DRAM and flash memory. The company built the first prototype memristor a few years ago, but scientists had predicted the possibility of memristors in the 1970s. The memristor is an electronic component that takes its […]