Janus dual screen tablet (E Ink + Color) coming soon for $699 (or less during pre-order)

The Eewrite Epad X tablet is a dual-screen tablet with a color LCD display on one side and a black and white E-Ink display on the other. When I wrote about the tablet earlier this week, one thing I didn’t know was how much this unusual device would cost. Now we have an answer. The […]

E-Pad Android tablet with E ink display hits Kickstarter for $399

As expected, the folks at EeWrite have launched a crowdfunding campaign for their E-Pad tablet. It’s a 10.3 inch Android slate with an E Ink display, WiFi and 4G LTE support, and an optional Wacom pen for writing notes, annotating documents, or drawing pictures. EeWrite says the retail price for the E-Pad will be $699, […]

E-Pad is a 10.3 inch E Ink Android tablet with a Wacom Pen, 4G support (crowdfunding)

A growing number of companies seem to be launching E Ink tablets with support for pen input. Sony, Onyx, and ReMarkable currently offer one or more models. Last month MobiScribe introduced a new 6.8 inch model. And now it looks like a new option is the way the EeWrite E-Pad tablet. The folks at Gadget […]