Trusted Reviews takes on the Eee PC 900

UK site Trusted Reviews has posted what has to be one of the most thorough reviews of the Eee PC 900 I’ve seen so far. In English anyway. There’s not a ton of new information in the review for anyone who’s been following the progress of the Eee PC 701 and 900 series on this […]

More Eee PC 900 launch dates, plus dissection pictures

Two more bits of Eee PC 900 news to report and then I’m done. Well, until I uncover some other interesting tidbit. First up, while I haven’t seen any hint of a US release date yet, it looks like the Eee PC 900 will be available in France on April 17th. Several sites have reported […]

Eee PC 900 has 2 separate solid state disks, not just two partitions

Apparently Asus didn’t just divide the storage on the Eee PC 900 into two separate partitions like I’d originally thought. No, they instead have put two separate solid state disks in each unit. Both the Linux and Windows XP models will have 4GB of flash storage soldered to the motherboard, and the Linux version will […]