Black Eee PC 900 spotted in the wild, blogosphere goes wild, I shrug

Apparently the Eee PC 900 will come in black, as well as white. I’m shocked. Shocked I tell you! But seriously, I don’t think anyone doubted that the next generation Eee PC would be available in black, white, and eventually several more pastel colors, just like its younger brethren, the Eee PC 701 line. But […]

Asus Eee PC 900 unboxing video

Reviews of the Eee PC 900 have been making the rounds for a few days. But now that real people who aren’t affiliated with tech magazines are starting to get their hands on the next generation Eee PC, we start to get the stuff we’re really interested in, like this unboxing video from jkkmobile: For […]

Asus considers battery upgrades for early adopters

Being an early adopter is tough. On the one hand, you get cool new gadgets before anyone else. On the other hand, you also get them before the bugs are worked out and sometimes before you even really know what you’re getting. When customers lined up in Hong Kong to pick up the new Eee […]

Eee PC 900 shows up on eBay

Want an Eee PC 900 but don’t want to wait until May 12th for Asus to begin selling the laptop in the US? There’s always eBay. As AsusEeeBlog points out, the updated Eee PC is already showing up on the auction site. It looks like you should be able to pick one up for around […]

Eee PC 900 to be available in the US on May 12th for $549

Asus has finally announced the US release date and pricing for the Eee PC 900. It should be available in the US on May 12th, and the computer will cost $549, which is almost $100 cheaper than the European version, as expected, but a bit more pricier than the version available in Hong Kong. At […]

Eee PC 900 to hit France on May 28th

Contrary to earlier reports, it looks like the French version of the Eee PC will be available on May 28th, not April 17th. Blogeee covered a press conference this morning, and here are the highlights: 399 € price May 28th release date France is also getting the full spectrum of colors for the Eee PC […]