ECS GLKD-HTI is a PC motherboard half the size of a mini-ITX

ECS has unveiled a new PC motherboard designed for small form-factor computers. Measuring 6.7″ x 3.3″, the new ECS GLKD-HTI is half the size of a mini-ITX board. It’s listed on the ECS website under the SoC (system-on-a-chip) category, likely because the board is designed to work with an Intel Gemini Lake processor that is not user […]

The new ECS Liva Q1 mini PC has the same processor as the old model (but more ports)

Taiwanese PC maker Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) has been producing tiny desktop PCs under the Liva brand for years, and the the latest models are the ECS Liva Q1D and ECS Liva Q1L. Both are 2.9″ x 2.9″ x 1.4″ computers with Intel Apollo Lake low-power processors… which are the same chips featured in the original ECS Liva […]

ECS Liva Z2 mini PCs with Gemini Lake Refresh chips coming soon

ECS is preparing to update its Liva Z2 line of mini PCs with several new models sporting 6 watt Intel Gemini Lake Refresh chips. The new ECS Liva Z2 and Liva Z2V will be available with up to an Intel Pentium Silver N5030 processor and supports up to 8GB of DDR4 RAM (with two SODIMM […]

ECS EH20GM is a rugged, fanless convertible laptop with Intel Gemini Lake

The folks at Taiwanese PC hardware maker ECS are probably better known for their motherboards and mini PCs than their laptops and tablets… but the company does make those too, and ECS plans to introduce a new rugged, fanless 2-in-1 laptop at CES next week. The ECS EH20GM features an 11.6 inch touchscreen display, a […]

ECS Liva Z3 mini PCs with Intel Comet Lake coming in 2020

Taiwanese PC maker ECS is previewing some of its upcoming small form-factor desktop computers in Japan this week, where the folks at got an early look. Possibly the most interesting new devices are the upcoming ECS Liva X3 Plus and Liva Z3E Plus, not because they look all that different from the company’s Z2 […]

ECS is positioning its tiny Liva computers as AI machines (as well as commercial or entertainment PCs)

ECS is showing off its latest small form-factor computers at CES this week. That includes updates to existing models with newer, faster processors as well as a a few models with brand new features — including a mini PC with support for Amazon’s Alexa voice service and another that uses a camera and Intel’s Movidius […]

ECS introduces Liva Z2 and Liva Z2V mini PCs with Gemini Lake chips

ECS started showing of a new line of fanless mini desktop computers featuring Intel Gemini Lake chips in January. Now the company is providing more details about the ECS Liva Z2 and Liva Z2V. Both devices are basically tiny desktops designed to be used for digital signage, low-power workstations, or other situations where a noise-less […]