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Kobo Plus subscription eBook & audiobook service expands to the US and UK

Nearly a decade after Amazon launched its Kindle Unlimited service that lets you pay a monthly fee for access to a library of millions of eBooks (and a smaller number of audiobooks), rival Kobo is following suit by expanding its Kobo Plus subscription service to the US and UK. At launch Kobo says that readers […]

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Calibre 6.0 eBook manager gains full-text search, ARM CPU support, and Read Aloud to the

Calibre is the Swiss Army Knife of eBook management apps. The free and open source application, which is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, makes it easy to store, sort and search your collection of eBooks, read them on a PC, send them to your eReader, download content from the web, and much, much more. […]

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Daily Deals (4-23-2020)

Today’s World Book Day, and Amazon has been celebrating for the last few days by giving away 9 eBooks for free. Today’s also the last day of Tor’s Muderbot eBook giveaway. Marvel is also making a whole bunch of digital comics free to read in the Marvel Unlimited app until May 4th. And if you’re […]

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Lilbits 378: An AMD Ryzen-powered “NUC” and putting Samsung’s Galaxy Fold claims to the test

Intel’s NUC line of computers are compact desktops that are powered by Intel processors… by definition. Intel has the trademark on the NUC name, so any computer that doesn’t have an Intel chip isn’t likely to be called an NUC anytime soon. That said, there are a bunch of third-party mini PCs that look an […]

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Amazon is killing Kindle MatchBook (cheap eBooks for print titles you’ve purchased)

Amazon’s Kindle MatchBook is a service that lets authors offer cheap Kindle eBooks to customers that have already purchased a physical copy of their book from Amazon. For customers, this means that you could buy a paperback or hardcover book from Amazon and pay an extra $1-3 to read it on your Kindle… assuming you […]