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$250 dual screen eReader is really book-like (in that you can’t load new content)

Ever wish eBook readers had two screens so you could open them up like a real book? Me either… but that’s because I use my Kindle for reading text. But if you’re reading graphic content like manga or other comics, you might be missing out on the full experience of viewing imagery that’s meant to […]

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Calibre eBook manager hits version 3.0

Calibre is a powerful tool for managing a collection of eBooks on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. It also includes tools for converting eBooks from one format to another and supports a wide-range of third-party plugins for doing things like finding duplicates, searching your local public library’s OverDrive eBook collection, and… other things. It took […]

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Bookeen to launch solar-powered eReader in 2016

Bookeen offers a range of eBook readers including models with big screens, small screens, and optionally front-lit displays. Next year the company plans to launch something new though: an eBook reader with a built-in solar panel that lets you recharge the battery just by leaving the eReader in a well-lit area. Bookeen and SunPartner are working together […]

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Kyobo launches eReader with Mirasol color display

Qualcomm’s Mirasol display technology combines some of the best features of E Ink and LCD displays. Mirasol displays offer a full range of colors, but use far less power than most color screens. You can also view the screens in direct sunlight or using other ambient light, because they don’t need require a backlight. They […]

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Panasonic to launch an Android tablet/eReader in Japan

Consumer electronics company Panasonic is getting ready to follow Sharp into the niche Android tablet market. Panasonic has started to show off a device that looks a lot like a general purpose Android tablet, but which the company will position as an eBook Reader with access to a digital bookstore with over 10,000 titles. It […]