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Lilbits (8-27-2013): Making a Macintosh Mini out of a Raspberry Pi

The original Macintosh computer was released in 1984, and it was the first popular personal computer to run software featuring a graphical user interface. It had a 9 inch display, a 7.8 MHz processor, and 128 kB of memory. Computers have come a long way since then — today you can pick up a $35 […]

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Lilbits (5-22-2013): Crowd-funding the AGENT smartwatch, Earl tablet

It’s an interesting time to be a watchmaker. Big companies like Motorola have been bringing smartwatches to market, and smaller companies like Pebble have raised a lot of buzz for wristwatches with ePaper displays, customizable software, and more. Heck, one of the main characters on a prime time TV show is a clockmaker. Anyway, there’s […]

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Earl Tablet is designed for the wild outdoors (rugged case, E Ink screen)

Looking for a tablet you can use while camping, sailing the seven seas, or working in remote locations? The Earl tablet isn’t necessarily the first rugged device designed for outdoor use, but it’s one of the most interesting options I’ve seen in a while. The tablet has a flexible E Ink display to make it […]