Hyperkin Smart Boy turns smartphones into Game Boys (with cartridge support)

People have been playing Game Boy games on smartphones for just about as long as there have been smartphones. But typically that involves loading an emulator app on a phone, scouring the internet for illegal ROMs, and then using horrible on-screen buttons (or pairing an external gamepad with your phone). But later this year you’ll be able […]

Dell new gaming PCs include Alienware 13 OLED laptop, 2nd-gen Alienware Alpha mini PC

Dell is updating its Alienware line of gaming computers with several new systems including an updated Alienware Alpha mini-desktop which Dell says is ready for 4K gaming and virtual reality and a 13 inch laptop with an OLED display. Alienware 13 OLED notebook Dell first showed off this 13 inch notebook at the Consumer Electronics Show. It […]

Report: Microsoft to launch Xbox TV media streamers

Apple has a media streaming box called the Apple TV. Amazon has the Fire TV. Google has the Chromecast (and the Android TV platform for third-party hardware). And Microsoft? The company has the Xbox platform… which is basically an expensive video game console that costs about 10 times as much as a Chromecast. But soon […]