Inkplate 6 is a versatile E Ink display made from recycled Kindle screens (crowdfunding)

Folks have been hacking Amazon Kindle devices for years, using them as E Ink monitors or thermometers, among other things. But the Inkplate 6 project goes a few steps further by recycling the E Ink screens from old Kindles and transforming them into versatile, programmable displays with WiFi and Bluetooth support. The creators of the project […]

Lilbits 316: E-waste

Microsoft’s new budget Surface laptop might launch tomorrow. The first Chromebooks with Snapdragon 845 processors are on the way. And The New York Times looks at the potential for financial gain as well as environmental disaster that comes with the growing global problem of e-waste. Here’s a roundup of tech news from around the web. […]

2020 Tokyo Olympics medals may be made from old phones, other e-waste

Now that the Rio Olympics have ended, we have four years to wait to find out whether Usain Bolt is really done competing in Olympic events, whether Simone Biles will be as impressive at age 23 as she has been at age 19, and if there’s any chance Michael Phelps will still be going for gold […]