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Lilbits: The cheapest Apple Pencil, an OpenWrt update, and 13.3 inch E Ink Kaleido 3 devices

The original Apple Pencil that launched in 2015 can be charged with a Lightning cable. The 2nd-gen Apple Pencil came out as Apple was moving away from Lightning ports on iPads, so Apple added wireless charging and removed wired charging. Now Apple has unveiled a new Apple Pencil that’s the company’s first to charge via […]

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Hisense Touch Lite is a (slightly) cheaper HiFi music player with an E Ink display

About a year after launching the Hisense Touch portable music player with Android-based software, an E ink display, and support for 32-bit/384 kHz HiFi audio, Hisense has unveiled a new model called the Hisense Touch Lite. At first glance, the new model looks a lot like the original, but it cuts a few corners in […]

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E Ink Gallery 3 displays for eReaders will bring more color and higher contrast

E Ink has been getting serious about color display technology over the last few years. In just the past month or so, the company introduced its Gallery Plus technology which brings support for more colors to electronic paper digital signage, and Kaleido 3 technology that brings better color saturation to eBook readers. Now the company […]

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E Ink’s Kaleido 3 bring more saturation to color ePaper displays

For the past two decades, E Ink’s electronic paper displays have largely been stuck in the black and white area. But over the past few years the company has started producing color screens for digital signage, eBook readers, and tablets. E Ink’s version of color still doesn’t look quite as vibrant as what you’d get […]

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Hisense Hi Reader is an Android 10 eReader with a 6.7 inch E Ink display

E Ink displays are often associated with eBook readers, but they’re also available for digital signage and other applications. But Chinese electronics company Hisense is one of the only companies producing smartphones with E Ink displays, and the company has also used electronic paper for other devices like tablets and portable music players. Now Hisense […]

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E Ink Gallery Plus displays bring more colors, better contrast

E Ink has been producing low-power, high-contrast black and white displays for two decades, but the company has recently started offering color ePaper displays for eBook readers, digital signage, and other applications. So far those displays have had a pretty limited color palette, but now E Ink is introducing a new type of display with […]

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E Ink’s Digital paper Tablet is a white-label Android tablet with an ePaper display and pen support

E Ink is probably best known for making the displays that power Amazon’s Kindle eReaders and similar devices, as well as screens for digital signage and price tags. But now the company has announced what appears to be a white label Android tablet designed for use in classroom or professional use. The new Digital Paper […]

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Huawei MatePad Paper is a 10.3 inch E Ink tablet

Huawei has been selling tablets under the MatePad brand for years, but for the most part they’ve been Android-powered devices with full color displays. The new Huawei MatePad Paper is something different: it’s a device with a 10.3 inch, 1872 x 1404 pixel grayscale E Ink display and pen support running Huawei’s own HarmonyOS software. […]

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Bigme B1 Pro 10.3 inch Color E Ink tablet is now available in the US

After launching in China last year as one of the first devices with a 10.3 inch E Ink Kaleido color display, the Bigme B1 Pro tablet is now available in the United States. But it’s not cheap. The Bigme B1 Pro sells for $789 at Amazon (through third-party seller YalaTech). The reason I’m calling the […]

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Lilbits: PineNote, Sony LinkBuds, and Intel’s foundry business

Pine64 is a company which develops hardware aimed at open source software enthusiasts and then encourages independent developers to create the software that will run on it. So far that approach has generated results with a series of affordable laptops, smartphones, and a tablet. The company’s most recent product is a $399 E Ink tablet […]