SPUDwrite is a DIY E Ink typewriter… with a printer… and an LCD display

Modern computers can do an awful lot of things. You can write a novel, or read one. You can listen to music, compose music, or create a music video. And you can waste countless hours watching cat videos on YouTube. All of which is to say that computers are amazing productivity tools… and time wasters. […]

Ultimate Writer is a DIY E Ink typewriter (with a custom wood case)

Laptop computers have largely replaced word processors for most folks who want to do some writing/typing on the go. But laptops are also fabulous procrastination machines: games, websites, and cat videos await every time you sit down to write. So it’s not surprising that companies like Astrohaus have managed to convince some folks to spend hundreds […]

Traveler E Ink, distraction-free laptop goes up for pre-order for $269 and up

The Traveler is a portable writing devices that looks a bit like a laptop, but which cannot do most of the things a modern laptop computer can. Instead, it’s designed for one thing only: writing. It features a 6 inch E Ink display, a full-sized keyboard with scissor switches, enough built-in storage to hold a […]