Lilbits: A color E Ink phone, Intel’s new CEO, and more CES product launches

Chinese electronics company Hisense is one of the only companies in recent years to sell smartphones with E Ink displays. Until recently, that meant phones with black and white screens, but now that color E Ink is a thing, Hisense unveiled a color model last year, and a YouTuber has posted a new unboxing and […]

More details about E Ink’s new color displays for eReaders (and maybe smartphones)

Several companies recently announced plans to release eReaders with color E Ink displays this year, and at least one smartphone with a color E Ink screen is set to go on sale in China next week. But so far we haven’t seen many details about the technology used in those color displays. Now we know […]

$220 Hisense A5 E Ink smartphone is probably a better eReader than a phone

Most modern smartphones feature color LCD or OLED displays. But every now and then a phone maker decides to buck the trend and put out a handset with an E Ink display. They’re not particularly common. They’re not usually all that cheap. And the E Ink display is sometimes paired with a color display on […]

Kingrow K1 E Ink smartphone hits Indiegogo for $299 and up

The Kingrow K1 probably isn’t the best smartphone for mobile gaming, watching videos, or framing the perfect photo… because you’d probably want a color display for any of those things, and the Kingrow K1 doesn’t have one. What it does have is an E Ink display that’s easy to see in direct sunlight and which doesn’t […]

Hisense is still making dual screen smartphones (color + E Ink)

Chinese electronics company Hisense is getting ready to launch a new smartphone with two screens: a full color display on the front and a black and white E Ink screen on the back. There aren’t many details about the upcoming smartphone, which should be formally announced next week. But the company has posted an image showing […]

Light Phone 2 is a simple 4G phone with an E Ink display (crowdfunding)

Smartphones are basically mobile computers and communication devices that we use for everything from GPS navigation to watching movies and playing games, with a lot of social media thrown in for good measure. The Light Phone 2… isn’t one of those jack-of-all-trades devices. It’s a phone that’s designed first and foremost for making phone calls […]

8S Mobile shows off a dual-screen (E Ink and LCD) phone with premium specs

Over the past few years we’ve seen a few different dual-screen phones with color displays on one side and E Ink screens on the other. But a Chinese manufacturer called Shenzhen Hexiang Electronics (or 8SMobile) is showing off the most powerful model I’ve seen so far. The 4G LTE 8S105 smartphone features a 5.2 inch, […]