Hisense launches A5 smartphones with color E Ink displays in China for under $300

Chinese electronic company Hisense is introducing a new line of smartphones featuring color E Ink displays. The Hisense A5C is a budge Android phone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 processor, 4GB of RAM. But its standout feature is the phone’s 5.84 inch color E Ink display. The Hisense A5C  goes on sale in China August […]

$220 Hisense A5 E Ink smartphone is probably a better eReader than a phone

Most modern smartphones feature color LCD or OLED displays. But every now and then a phone maker decides to buck the trend and put out a handset with an E Ink display. They’re not particularly common. They’re not usually all that cheap. And the E Ink display is sometimes paired with a color display on […]

Kingrow K1 E Ink smartphone hits Indiegogo for $299 and up

The Kingrow K1 probably isn’t the best smartphone for mobile gaming, watching videos, or framing the perfect photo… because you’d probably want a color display for any of those things, and the Kingrow K1 doesn’t have one. What it does have is an E Ink display that’s easy to see in direct sunlight and which doesn’t […]

Hisense is still making dual screen smartphones (color + E Ink)

Chinese electronics company Hisense is getting ready to launch a new smartphone with two screens: a full color display on the front and a black and white E Ink screen on the back. There aren’t many details about the upcoming smartphone, which should be formally announced next week. But the company has posted an image showing […]

Light Phone 2 is a simple 4G phone with an E Ink display (crowdfunding)

Smartphones are basically mobile computers and communication devices that we use for everything from GPS navigation to watching movies and playing games, with a lot of social media thrown in for good measure. The Light Phone 2… isn’t one of those jack-of-all-trades devices. It’s a phone that’s designed first and foremost for making phone calls […]

8S Mobile shows off a dual-screen (E Ink and LCD) phone with premium specs

Over the past few years we’ve seen a few different dual-screen phones with color displays on one side and E Ink screens on the other. But a Chinese manufacturer called Shenzhen Hexiang Electronics (or 8SMobile) is showing off the most powerful model I’ve seen so far. The 4G LTE 8S105 smartphone features a 5.2 inch, […]

Siam 7x is a dual-screen, E Ink phone (twice the price of the Oukitel U6)

Dual-screen smartphones haven’t exactly taken over the world in the past year or two… but the Yotaphone 2 isn’t the only game in town anymore. This summer Chinese phone maker Oukitel unveiled the Oukitel U6. It’s n Android phone with a 5 inch color display on one side and a 4.7 inch E Ink screen […]