Dual screen Yota 3 smartphone coming in Sept (in China)

It’s official. The third dual-screen smartphone from Yota Devices is a mid-range device that stands out due to one key feature: the fact that it has a color screen on one side and a grayscale E Ink display on the other. While the original YotaPhone and YotaPhone 2 were positioned as high-end devices (with mediocre […]

Yota 3 dual-screen hits TENAA on way to Chinese launch

The Yota 3 is a smartphone with a full-color AMOLED display on one side and a grayscale E Ink screen on the other. It’s the third dual-screen phone from Russian company Yota Devices (which is now owned by a Hong Kong-based group), and the Yota 3 is expected to go on sale in China soon. […]

Meizu Pro 7 smartphones have two cameras… and two screens

Pretty much every phone maker has a device with top-tier specs these days, which is why companies are starting to turn to gimmicks like squeezable sides, support for modular accessories, and odd-looking designs. Some companies, including LG and Yota Devices have even tried releasing phones with extra displays, offering new ways to interact with a […]

Doppio dual-screen smartwatch concept (video)

Two screens are better than one (sometimes) when you’re using a desktop computer. But what about a laptop? You can get secondary displays for those too. Let’s go smaller: what about smartwatches? Maybe one day you’ll be able to get a dual-screen version of that too. Doppio is a smartwatch concept that incorporates two displays […]

E Ink introduces 2.9 inch display for smartphone cases

There are a handful of smartphone cases that feature E Ink displays, allowing you to view pictures, eBooks, or other items even when your phone’s color display is off. E Ink would like to see more of those smartphone cases… so the company has unveiled a turnkey solution for smartphone cases featuring a 2.9 inch ePaper display. […]

LG V10 smartphone may pack a secondary “ticker” display

LG appears to have a new phone in the works, sporting a 5.7 inch QHD display and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor. But it’s not those features which make the LG V10 interesting. Evan Blass says that the phone, first spotted at the Chinese TENAA website, appears to have a secondary screen above the top of […]