Qualcomm shows that quad-core chips don’t have to drain your battery

Mobile processors with dual-core or quad-core designs are all the rage these days. But just because you have up to 4 processor cores capable of running at 1.5 GHz or even higher speeds doesn’t mean each core will be running in high gear all the time. If they did, that would certainly reduce battery life […]

Terra Mobile launches 1021GO netbook with Atom N570 dual core CPU

Terra Mobile has launched a new 10 inch netbook with an Intel Atom N570 1.66 GHz dual core processor. It’s called the Terra Mobile 1021GO, and while the netbook isn’t available for purchase in the US, the folks at Netbook News spotted a listing for the 1021GO in Germany where it’s going for 319 Euros. […]

VIA introduces Eden X2 low power dual core chips

VIA has introduced a dual core version of its low power Eden chip. The new VIA Eden X2 is a 40nm chip with two 64-bit cores, which the company says means they’re optimized for multitasking and multimedia performance. The company also claims that the VIA Eden X2 line of chips are “the world’s most power-efficient […]