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Hackers bring multi-boot support to newer iPhones and iPads

Apple makes it easy to upgrade an iPhone or iPad to a new version of iOS and often boasts about the high-percentages of users running the latest version of the operating system. A few things the company doesn’t make easy? Downgrading to an earlier version of iOS, installing an alternate operating system, or dual-booting. Or […]

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Cosmo Communicator can now dual boot Linux and Android (smartphone/handheld PC)

The Cosmo Communicator is a smartphone that looks like a tiny laptop thanks to a design that includes a backlit keyboard that’s just (barely) big enough for touch typing. First unveiled in late 2018, the Cosmo Communicator began shipping to backers of a crowdfunding campaign late last year… but one promised feature was missing at […]

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Chromebooks may not get dual-boot Windows support after all

Remember last year when developers started to notice a feature in Google’s Chromium OS code that suggested one day you might be able to dual-boot Windows and Chrome OS on the same computer? Yeah, it looks like that’s not coming anytime soon. Not officially anyway. A recent update to the Chromium Gerrit shows that the […]

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Fix the time problem on dual-boot computers (Windows and Linux or Android)

I’ve been testing a number of tablets, notebooks, and other computers that can dual-boot Android and Windows recently. And I’ve noticed that many of them have the same problem: set the time in Windows, reboot into Android, and when you reboot into Windows again the time will be off by several hours. It turns out […]

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CloudReady lets you dual-boot Windows and ChromiumOS on your PC

CloudReady is an operating system designed to basically turn your existing PC into a Chromebook. Launched in 2015, CloudReady makes it easy to replace Windows with an operating system based on Chromium OS (the open source version of Chrome OS). But now you can also create a dual-boot setup on some computers, allowing you to switch […]

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Chuwi Hi10 Cherry Trail tablet runs Windows 10 and Android 5.1

Chinese device maker Chuwi has been making dual OS tablets capable of running Android and Windows for a little while. Now the company has launched a new model sporting an Intel Atom x5-8300 Cherry Trail processor, Windows 10 and Android 5.1 The Chuwi Hi10 is available from AliExpress for about $250, and it has some […]

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Pipo X9: Windows/Android mini PC with an 8.9 inch touchscreen

Chinese device maker Pipo launched a funny-looking device called the Pipo X8 earlier this year. It’s kind of mashup between a mini-desktop computer and a tablet. The wedge-shaped device has the same kind of hardware you’d expect form a cheap tablet, including a 7 inch touchscreen, but it has a thicker case and more ports than […]

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Cube i6 Air tablet hits China for under $150 (Runs both Android and Windows)

Chinese device maker Cube launched a dual OS tablet called the Cube i6 Air 3G earlier this year. It runs both Android and Windows, has a high-resolution display, features surprisingly strong performance, and a relatively low price tag: you can buy the Cube i6 Air 3G for under $200. I was pretty impressed with the […]