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Damn Small Linux is back and bigger than ever (but still small enough to fit on a CD)

Damn Small Linux (DSL) is a lightweight GNU/Linux distribution designed to breathe new life into old computer hardware by offering a full desktop operating system that runs on a wide range of hardware, but which takes up as little disk space as possible. The original goal of DSL was to keep everything under 50MB, and […]

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Lilbits: DSL conundrum, Pixel 2 EOL, and a $6K Android camera

My first broadband internet connection was DSL. After years of dialup, the ability to surf the web with speeds measured in MB rather than KB per second felt like living in the future. But these days DSL is aging technology that’s been largely left behind by the proliferation of cable, fiber, and cellular technologies that […]

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Lilbits (10-21-2014): Next-gen DSL tech could bring new life to phone lines

Back in the dark ages the only way for most people to access the internet was with a slow dialup connection (or by visiting a college or other institution that actually had a faster T1 line). Then along came DSL, one of the first technologies to offer broadband speeds. But in recent years cable, fiber […]

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Damn Small Linux is back: 50MB operating system for older computers

Damn Small Linux is a light-weight operating system designed to run on older computers which might not have the speedy processors, large hard drives, or vast amounts of RAM available on newer systems. More than four years since the last update, the developer launched a release candidate for DSL 4.11 this week. That came as […]