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Amazon’s flying security camera is now available for $250 (by invitation only)

A year after introducing a flying security camera called the Ring Always Home Cam, Amazon is officially launching the security drome for home use as a Day 1 Edition device. That means there’s limited quantities available and you’ll need to request an invitation for the chance to spend $250 on one. But it’s officially moving […]

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Vivo patents a smartphone with a flying drone camera system built in

Smartphone makers have been using camera features to help set their devices apart for years. Some phones take stellar shots from one or two cameras. Others have a bunch of cameras to cover everything from wide-angle to telephoto photography. Now it looks like Chinese phone maker Vivo is considering something different. Very different. The company […]

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Lilbits: AMD, Apple schedule announcements

Apple is holding an event next week, when the company is expected to introduce its next-gen iPad and Apple Watch. We’ll probably have to wait another month for iPhone news. That’s the same month we expect to learn more about Google’s Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 (or maybe Pixel 5s), although they most likely […]

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Amazon Prime Air makes it first delivery-by-drone

It’s been three years since Amazon revealed plans to start delivering products to customers using flying drones. Last week Amazon Prime Air made its first delivery. The company made the announcement this week, explaining that the delivery on December 7th took 13 minutes and was carried out to a UK customer by an aerial vehicle […]

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OnePlus launches a real $20 drone for April Fools’ Day

For the past few weeks the makers of the OnePlus One smartphone have been teasing their next product called OnePlus DR-1. Today they officially unveiled the DR-1 and it’s a cheap flying drone. Not exactly a “game changer” as promised, but not entirely an April Fools’ joke either. The company actually put the DR-1 in […]

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Hex: A $49 open source, smartphone-controller nanocopter hits Kickstarter

You may not be able to buy a MeCam flying camera for $49 just yet (it’s expected to hit the streets in 2014). But $49 is enough to buy you a tiny quad-coptor that you can control with your smartphone. Hex is a nanocoptor kit that’s based on open source designs, and which is expected […]

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Raspberry Pi adds wheels, night-vision camera to become a spy drone

Early adopters of the Raspberry Pi are continuing to do interesting things with the little computer. Aerospace engineer algorhythmic has put together a remote controlled, roving surveillance vehicle with a night-vision camera, powered by the Raspberry Pi mini computer. When you have a PC that’s about the size of a deck of cards, it’s pretty easy […]