Apparently some people did buy eBooks from Microsoft (and are getting refunds now that the books are unreadable)

There are a lot of nice things about eBooks — you can store hundreds on an eReader or smartphone, making them easy to travel with. You can adjust the font size. Maybe you can even have your device read them aloud to you. But if you pay for eBooks from Amazon, NOOK, Kobo, or most […]

Periodic reminder that you DRM means you don’t really own eBooks, movies, or other content (Microsoft’s eBook store is shutting down)

A few years ago Microsoft built support for reading eBooks into its Edge web browser, and began selling eBooks through the Microsoft Store. Today the company stopped selling eBooks. It’s canceled pre-orders. And it’ll start issuing refunds for any books you might have purchased. While that last bit sounds downright consumer-friendly, this next bit doesn’t: any […]

US Copyright Office says it’s legal to hack DRM to fix your own devices*

So there’s good news and not-so-good news on the “right to repair” front. As Motherboard reports, the good news is that the US Copyright Office just proposed new rules that would make it legal for anyone to circumvent DRM or otherwise hack or jailbreak their own devices in order to repair them or install software […]

Shelfie Shuts down Jan 31st, takes your DRM-laden eBooks with it

Shelfie is an app that lets you snap a picture of books you already own and get eBook versions of some titles for free (and others for low prices). Or at least, that used to be what Shelfie did. Because on January 31st, the service is shutting down. Update: Shelfie says eBook company Kobo had […]

Kindle for PC gains text-to-speech (but makes stripping DRM harder)

Amazon has released a new version of its Kindle for PC software that allows you to read eBooks on a computer running Windows 7 or later. Kindle for PC version 1.19.2 includes typesetting enhancements, search improvements, and a text-to-speech feature which allows the app to read some eBooks aloud to you. But there is at […]

You can jailbreak the NES Classic and add more games (but it’s not easy)

Nintendo’s NES Classic is a $60 device that looks just like the original Nintendo Entertainment System game console, only smaller. Unveiled last summer, the device went on sale a few months ago and it was an instant hit: it’s hard to find stores that still have the little game console in stock. But unlike the […]

Microsoft to stop supporting Zune music DRM, go get your MP3s

If you were one of the handful of people who bought music from Microsoft’s Zune Marketplace before 2012, you might not be able to listen to your DRM-laden music files after March 12th, 2017. The good news is that Microsoft is offering an upgrade path: you can get MP3 versions of any songs you’ve already […]

After HP blocks third-party ink from working with printers, company promises optional update to remove the ban

A few weeks ago HP activated a firmware update for many of its recent printers. The company said the update was meant to “ensure the best consumer experience,” but what the update did was stop HP’s printers from working with third-party ink cartridges. Even customers who had already purchased those cartridges, put them in their printers, […]