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Lilbits: Windows 12 in 2024, Jasper Lake mini PCs, and you know what else can run DOOM? DOOM.

Hackers have been finding ways for years to run the classic PC game DOOM on devices you wouldn’t expect. But DOOM hacker kgsws has taken things to a whole new yo dawg level by finding a way to run DOOM inside of… a game of DOOM. To see how that happened, check out the video […]

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Lilbits: Apple leaks ahead of WWDC (iPads to work more like laptops, Macs with M2) and gaming performance of Intel’s Celeron 7305 and Pentium 8505

Chinese PC makers AYA and AYN have both announced plans to offer budget handheld gaming computers that undercut Valve’s Steam Deck on price by using AMD Mendocino or Intel’s entry-level Alder Lake-U processors. While we don’t know much about the performance of AMD’s chip yet, YouTuber Taki Udon has already begun running gaming tests on […]

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Lilbits: Windows 10 21H2 is here and Windows 11 learns the true meaning of the B in BSOD

Windows 11 may be the hot new thing, but Microsoft plans to continue supporting Windows 10 through 2025, and the latest major update begins rolling out today. Although “major” may be overpromising a bit. The Windows 10 November 2021 Update (also known as Windows 10 21H2), incorporates all the smaller security, bug fix, and feature […]

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Yes you can play Doom on this Linux-powered desk phone

As long as there is someone asking whether or not a particular gadget will run Doom, there will be someone else who wants to prove that, yes, it will Doom. This week’s installment: an ordinary-looking office phone! It’s not truly an ordinary office phone — this is a CaptionCall, an accessible phone that features a […]

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Doom ported to run on an Ikea TRÅDFRI smart light bulb

When it was first released in 1993, Doom was designed for computers running MS-DOS software. But game developer id Software later released the source code, and Doom has been ported to run on all sorts of other platforms, including some very surprising devices. One of the latest, most impressive examples? You can run Doom on a […]

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Lilbits 6-04-2020: AFTVNews returns, Apple “Prime” may be in the works, and Playdate runs Doom

First playable version of Doom on the Playdate. Still very early but I guess I will cross out “Port Doom” from my bucket list. My main inspiration was @fabynou Game Engine Black Book. — Nic (@NicMagnier) May 31, 2020 Here’s a roundup of recent tech news from around the web. First playable version of […]

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Daily Deals (6-04-2020)

Have a Chromebook, or looking to buy one? Google is giving away free copies of DOOM and DOOM II as a perk. It joins Stardew Valley and a handful of item packs and expansions for other games. Meanwhile, PC gamers can grab a free copy of Overcooked from the Epic Games Store this week. Here […]