Report: Next Chromecast Ultra runs Android TV, has a remote control

For much of the past decade, Google has maintained two different smart TV platforms: Chromecast and Android TV (formerly Google TV). But now 9to5Google reports that the next Chromecast Ultra will be a full-fledged Android TV device. That means that in addition to streaming internet content to your TV while using your phone, laptop, or other […]

Moshi’s new $40 adapter gives you back a headphone jack (and lets you charge your phone)

Smartphone accessory maker Moshi has released a new device that lets you charge your phone while simultaneously listening to music with wired headphones or speakers. That’s a problem that didn’t exist until recently, but thanks to the growing trend of smartphone makers shipping phones that lack 3.5mm headphone jacks, the $40 Moshi USB-C Digital Audio […]

Microsoft’s USB Type-C adapter for Surface coming this week… for $80 (Updated)

Some modern laptops and tablets have nothing but USB Type-C ports. Most of Microsoft’s Surface devices, meanwhile, don’t even have a single USB-C port. But the company promised last year that it would eventually launch an adapter for folks who need one. And now The Verge reports that an official Microsoft Surface USB Type-C dongle will be […]

Google releases an Android TV dongle… for developers only

If you want to buy a Google-branded video streaming device, you currently have two options: the Chromecast or the Chromecast Ultra. But if you want a device with the more full-featured Android TV user interface, you need to go with third-party hardware. Since Google stopped selling the Nexus Player (which first launched in 2014), the […]

This 4K Android TV stick probably isn’t the next Chromecast (but it looks pretty nice) – Updated

For some reason Google has two different smart TV platforms. You can buy a $35 Chromecast and plug it into your TV to stream music, videos, and other internet content, but you’ll have to use your phone, tablet, or computer as a remote control and navigation device. Or you can buy a device that runs […]

Vudu Spark is yet another TV streaming stick… this time from Walmart

Want to stream movies or TV shows from online video service Vudu to your TV? You can use a Chromecast, Roku, Xbox, PlayStation, or any number of smart TVs or set-top boxes from Samsung, LG, Vizio, and others. Soon you’ll also be able to use something called the Vudu Spark. It’s a small HDMI stick that you […]

Microsoft Surface wireless display dongle might be in the works

Microsoft might be preparing to launch a wireless display dongle. Plug it into your TV’s HDMI port and you can stream content from your tablet, laptop, or phone to the big screen. It’d be sort of like Google’s Chromecast… but probably more limited in scope different (see comments below for discussion on this point). Windows […]