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Coolermaster debuts netbook-friendly cooling dock with 2.5″ HDD bay

Netbooks are great, but they’re somewhat more limited than a typical desktop. If you’re looking for a nice, inexpensive way to make your machine a little more desk-friendly, Cooler Master’s new Choiix dock might be worth picking up. Based on the name, it looks like the dock might actually be manufactured by Choiix, rather than […]

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Gigabyte Booktop M1022 unboxed, reviewed in German – Video

The Gigabyte TouchNote T1028X is nice and all, but it costs nearly $700. If you’re looking for something a bit more affordable from Gigabyte, and don’t care so much about the touchscreen, the company’s Booktop M1022 might be more up your alley. At $498, it’s still not the cheapest netbook around, but the Booktop M1022 […]

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Gigabyte M1022 Booktop unboxed, posed with a Nintendo Wii – Videos

Gigabyte is getting ready to unleash the M1022 Booktop netbook on the world, and a number of videos related to the upcoming mini-laptop are showing on up on YouTube. The Booktop’s claim to fame is that it ships with a unique docking station that lets you stand the computer on its side, plug in a […]