DIY laptop made from an Intel NUC mini desktop with AMD graphics (video)

Intel’s NUC line of computers are compact PCs designed to take up a lot less space than a typical desktop computer… but due to their small size, they typically have the kind of hardware you’d expect from a laptop. So maybe it’s not surprising that someone decided to build a DIY laptop powered by an […]

Hyper Keyboard Pi kit turns a Raspberry Pi into a handheld PC (and game console)

A few months ago we wrote about a $10 accessory accessory for the Raspberry Pi Zero W that that you could use to turn the tiny PC into a handheld computer (once you add a display, battery, and some other components). Now it looks like there’s a similar (but slightly more polished looking) accessory for […]

ELLO 2M is a DIY portable 128K computer aimed at education/hacking (crowdfunding)

Want to learn how to program the same way people did three or four decades ago, but don’t want to hunt down an ancient PC? The ELLO 2M is a DIY computer kit with a keyboard, 7 inch touchscreen display, and an 1156-hole electronics protoyping space. The system is designed to run a version of the […]