Lilbits: Firefox 90, Apple’s MagSafe Battery for the iPhone 12, and using the Raspberry Pi 4 as a tiny server

The latest version of Firefox for Windows can download and install updates in the background, enabling you to update by just restarting the browser when you’re ready. A day after posting a video showing a GNU/Linux distribution running on the Kobo Clara HD eReader, developer Martijn Braam reports that display graphics issues have been largely […]

DIY Game Boy Camera adapter wirelessly transfers its crappy photos to a smartphone

The Game Boy Camera is a digital camera released in 1998 as an accessory for Nintendo Game Boy handheld game consoles. It allowed users to snap low-resolution, pixelated black and white images. You can save up to 30 images at a time, but the only way to get the images off the  Game Boy was […]

This custom all-in-one is a slick, updated take on luggable PCs

When I first started really getting into computers there were few things I liked more than getting my hands on the latest issue of Computer Shopper. And there were few things I enjoyed spying more in those massive periodicals than the latest “portable” PCs. Back then the sewing machine-sized computers weighed around 18 pounds and […]

This DIY macOS handheld is the portable Mac Apple won’t build

Apple’s iPads and MacBooks have the same processors these days, and you can even run iOS apps on a Mac… but you cannot run Mac apps on an iPad or iPhone because Apple continues to draw a distinction between Macs (laptops and desktops without touchscreens) and iOS devices (touch-first tablets and phones). But all of […]

Lilbits: Nothing buys Essential, tech company names are dumb, and the future of the PinePhone

Microsoft’s game streaming service is coming to the web — which means it’s coming to iOS without giving Apple a cut of revenue. Pine64 has announced the default GNU/Linux distribution and user interface that will ship with its PinePhone devices in the future. And the new company from the co-founder of OnePlus has bought the […]

Lisperati1000 is a DIY portable programming workstation with a mechanical keyboard

Sometimes you need a general purpose computer that can handle everything from document editing to gaming, with a bit of light meme stock trading thrown in for good measure. And sometimes you want a purpose-build device that’s designed to do one thing and do it well. Conrad Barski’s Lisperati1000 is a computer that falls in […]

Several old gadgets gave their life so this DIY handheld PC with a swivel hinge could live

Redditor Sleepless_Engineer’s homemade Swivel Hinge UMPC is a homemade handheld computer that has, you guessed it, a swivel hinge that can rotate left or right and fold down over the keyboard for use in tablet mode It’s also one of those projects that’s kind of so ugly that it’s beautiful… but mostly I’m just astonished […]

Lilbits: Intel’s discrete graphics card, AMD’s Lucienne chips, and new Chrome OS features (and hardware)

Intel’s Iris Xe integrated graphics have brought big performance gains to thin and light laptops in the past year or two, even making handheld gaming machines like the GPD Win 3 possible. But Intel isn’t stopping at integrated graphics. The company released an Intel Iris Xe MAX discrete GPU for laptops last year, delivering a […]

Rotary Un-Smartphone is up for pre-order, ships this spring

After designing and building a cellphone with a rotary dial and an intentionally limited feature set last year, engineer Justine Haupt started selling a basic kit for under $100 last June, but customers still had to source some parts on their own. Now Haupt’s company, Sky’s Edge, is taking pre-orders for a full-fledged Rotary Un-Smartphone Kit […]