Zero Terminal 3 is a modular handheld PC with a Raspberry Pi Zero and a touchscreen display

The Zero Terminal 3 is a little computer that looks like a chunky smartphone. But it’s a full-fledged Linux PC with a touchscreen display, a built-in battery, a full-sized USB port, and a microSD card reader. It’s also a modular device that can support add-ons including keyboards, game controllers, radio transceivers, network interfaces, solar panels, […]

The new Kano PC DIY Windows tablet: Better specs, same $300 price

Educational computer company Kano has been selling Raspberry Pi-based systems for a few years, but last summer the company introduced its first Windows device — the Kano PC Windows tablet, with an Intel Atom processor and some assembly required. Now Kano has launched a 2nd-gen Kano PC, and this time the company says it has […]

MutantC v2 is a DIY handheld Raspberry Pi computer with a slide-out keyboard

After building a DIY handheld computer based on a Raspberry Pi last year, developer rahmanshaber is back with version 2. The new MutantC v2 is still a handheld computer with a slide-out keyboard (or rather, a slide-up display) that resembles a T-Mobile Sidekick phone or Sony Vaio UX computer. But it’s an upgrade over the […]

Watchy is a $55 smartwatch with an E Ink display (you can also build your own)

Not every smartwatch needs to have an AMOLED display and a $300+ price tag. The new Watchy smartwatch from SQFMI is a simple, cheap, and hacker-friendly smartwatch that uses a square E Ink display, an ESP32-S system-on-a-chip, an accelerometer, and 4 buttons plus a vibration motor. It’s programmable with support for Python and Arduino. And the […]

This DIY Rotary Cellphone is a real thing that makes phone calls (but not much more)

Not every new cellphone has a 6+ inch display, an amazing camera or… a touchscreen display. Justine Haupt’s Rotary Cellphone puts some decidedly old-school tech into a modern mobile device that’s pocket-sized, capable of making phone calls, and which gets all-day battery life. Instead of a touchscreen though, it has a 10-digit dialer plus a […]