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As Folding@Home tackles the coronavirus, volunteers deliver more compute power than the world’s top supercomputers

Pioneering distributed computing project SETI@home announced this month that it would no longer leverage the processing power of volunteers’ computers to search for alien life. But the Folding@Home project which uses similar technology for medical research purposes is still going strong — stronger than ever, really. Folding@Home director Greg Bowman notes that the combined might […]

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SETI@home is ending its distributed computing search-for-alien-life

Pioneering distributed computing project SETI@home has announced it’s shutting down “the volunteer computing part” of its search for alien life after more than 20 years. The project will go into hibernation, while the folks at SETI will work to analyze the data that’s already been processed. The SETI project involves sifting through a huge amount […]

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HTC “Power To Give” initiative uses your phone to solve world problems

Your phone has a lot of processing power — and most of the time you’re not actually using it. While it’s nice to have the ability to play bleeding edge games or render web pages in a split second, HTC is thinking about other ways to put your phone’s power to use. The company has […]

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Use your phone to find alien life, research diseases with BOINC for Android

BOINC is a distributed computing framework that lets hundreds or thousands of devices work together like one big supercomputer. It does this by taking a large amount of data that need to be crunched and breaking it up into little chunks. Then you can download one of those chunks at a time on your computer […]