Samsung previews upcoming multi-fold and rollable OLED displays

Samsung already offers several smartphones with foldable displays including models that fold in half like a book and others that fold closed like an old-school flip phone. Now the company is showing off new flexible OLED display panels that could pave the way for different kinds of devices. One is the S-foldable, a phone/tablet display […]

Lilbits: New displays (90 Hz OLED for laptops, 10.3 inch color E Ink for eReaders and tablets)

After years of 60 Hz displays being the norm, many smartphones are now shipping with LCD or AMOLED displays that have a refresh rate of 90 Hz or higher. But laptops? Up until now you’ve been able to get an OLED screen or a 90 Hz or higher display, but not both at the same time. […]

8K OLED tablet displays are now a real thing

The 264ppi True Tone displays on this year’s iPad Pro are really, really good. There’s always room for improvement, though. Semiconductor Energy Laboratory thinks there’s enough room for another 27 million or so pixels. SEL has just unveiled the industry’s first tablet-sized 8K OLED displays. They’re bringing two different models to market, measuring 8.3 and […]

Japan display unveils 803ppi LCD for virtual reality, sets sights on 1000ppi

It’s not hard to find a smartphone display with over 500 pixels per inch (ppi). But put that display into a virtual reality headset and you can see a bit of a “screen door” effect. Since headsets include lenses that zoom in on the display, you can actually see the lines between individual pixels, which […]

E Ink and Japan Display to partner on ePaper screens

E Ink Holdings and Japan Display have announced a “long-term strategic alliance” that will have the two companies working together on ePaper displays. Japan Display, also known as JDI currently makes LCD and AMOLED screens for smartphones and other devices including wearable, automotive, and industrial products. JDI says partnering with E Ink could help the […]

Slidenjoy wants to add a screen or two to your laptop (crowdfunding)

Want the portability of a laptop, but the versatility of a multi-monitor setup? You could buy a portable display and lug it around. Or you could back Slidenjoy’s Kickstarter campaign for a system that makes it simple to add an extra screen or two to your laptop. Slidenjoy clips onto the back of your laptop display […]