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Black Friday 2023 Digital Deals (download & stream videos, music, games, eBooks and more)

Many Black Friday deals went live a little (or a lot) early this year, and there are plenty of deep discounts available on mobile tech products including laptops, tablets, smartphones, mini PCs, and more. There are also some good deals on digital media, allowing you to save on PC games, video or music streaming services, […]

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HBO Max launches May 27 for $15 per month

The streaming wars are getting… more complicated again. HBO Max is launching in just over a month and for $15 per month subscribers will be able to access the entire HBO content library plus TV shows and movies from Warner Media and some original new content. HBO Max goes live on May 27th and it’ll […]

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Report: Microsoft Movies & TV coming to Android, iOS, and other platforms

Microsoft may have gotten out of the digital music business by killing its Groove Music app, but the company continues to sell movies and TV shows through the Microsoft Store. There’s one small catch though: you can only watch them on Windows devices including a Windows PC, a Windows 10 Mobile phone, or an Xbox […]

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Movies Anywhere makes it easier to buy digital movies once, watch on multiple platforms

Disney’s Movies Anywhere service lets you buy a digital movie once and watch it on multiple platforms. The last time I looked at the service, that meant you could pay for a Disney movie and watch it on an Android, iOS, Windows, Amazon, or Roku device. Now Disney is announcing a major expansion: the company […]

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Deals of the Day (12-22-2016)

Need a Steam Link for in-home game streaming? You can pick one up for $20 today. Looking for a bargain on a portable notebook? The Asus Zenbook UX310A with a Core i7 Skylake chip is a great deal at $669. Don’t want any gadgets, but looking for some music, books, or apps? Amazon, Best Buy, […]

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Lilbits (4-09-2015): Firefox for Android surpasses 100 million downloads

Google’s Android operating system may come with a web browser (or two) pre-loaded, depending on the device and software version. But that hasn’t stopped developers from offering third-party browsers such as Dolphin, Opera, and Firefox. In fact, Mozilla says it’s Firefox web browser for Android has been downloaded over 100 million times. A few years […]

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Rakuten acquires library eBook, audiobook provider OverDrive

The company that bought retail portal in 2010 and eBook company Kobo in 2011 is expanding again. Rakuten has announced plans to buy OverDrive for $410 million. OverDrive is an eBook and audiobook distributor that makes digital media available to library patrons, school students, and others. You can use the OverDrive system to borrow or […]

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Are eBooks goods or services? An EU Court thinks they’re services

When you buy an eBook you might think you’re spending money on pretty much the same thing you’d get if you bought a paperback book: thousands of words composed by an author to tell a story, make an argument, or otherwise put ideas into words, paragraphs, and maybe even chapters. Sure, an eBook isn’t a […]