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Mozilla’s Flame smartphone now shipping to Firefox OS developers

Firefox OS is Mozilla’s browser-based operating system for smartphones and tablets. It’s designed to run web apps written with HTML5, JavaScript, and other web technologies — but it’ll only do that if developers actually create apps for the platform. To help developers do that, Mozilla is offering a reference phone called the Flame. It’s a […]

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Pre-order Firefox OS “Flame” reference phone for $170

Firefox OS is an operating system for smartphones and tablets developed by the makers of the Firefox web browser. Up until recently, the only devices that actually shipped with the software have been low-end devices with low resolution displays and single core processors. But the folks at Mozilla have been working to add support for […]

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Samsung starts handing out Tizen developer phones

You think Research in Motion is the only company handing out prototype phones to developers in hopes of getting them to write apps for its new operating system? Think again. Samsung has started providing developers with smartphones running the Tizen Linux-based operating system. Tizen is the OS that rose out of the ashes of MeeGo […]