Ignitial Tukhla will be a high-end, open hardware single board computer (developed by Olimex)

Open hardware company Olimex has announced its developing a “high end open source Linux board” for a French company called Ignitial. The upcoming Ignitial Tukhla will have an NXP iMX8 processor, support for up to 16GB of RAM, and plenty of options for storage, input, and output. What makes it an open hardware project is that […]

PICO-WHU4 is a mini PC with up to an Intel Core i7-8665UE Whiskey Lake processor

Aaeon’s PICO-WHU4 is a tiny computer that measures about 3.9″ x 2.8″ making it just a little larger than a pack of playing cards (or a Raspberry Pi). But it’s basically a full-fledged computer powered by a 15-watt, 8th-gen Intel Core processor. I’m reluctant to call this a single-board computer like the Raspberry Pi because […]

LattePanda Delta and Alpha boards with Intel chips, Windows and Linux support hit Kickstarter

As expected, LattePanda is launching a Kickstarter campaign for its new single-board computers. The little boards look like a cross between a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino (which makes sense, since it’s an Arduino-compatible device with Leonardo coprocessor and 80 GPIO connectors). But the LattePanda Alpha are Windows and Linux compatible PCs with Intel processors and significantly […]

SolidPC Q4 Intel Braswell-powered PC board up for pre-order for $100 and up

SolidRun recently unveiled a tiny computer with an Intel Braswell processor. Now it’s available for pre-order for $100 and up. The SolidPC Q4 will eventually be available with a choice of an Intel Atom x5-E8000 or Intel Pentium N3700 processor and up to 8GB of RAM, although only the Atom version is available at launch. Other features include HDMI and […]

NVIDIA Tegra K1 benchmarked: Competitive with Celeron Bay Trail

Now that NVIDIA is shipping its Jetson board to developers, some of the first real-world tests of the company’s new Tegra K1 processor are starting to appear. Members of the Phoronix/OpenBenchmarking community have posted initial results, and it looks like NVIDIA’s new chip has raw processing power that’s comparable to Intel’s Celeron J1900 Bay Trail […]

HummingBoard is a Raspberry Pi-compatible dev board with Freescale i.MX6 chip

It looks like Raspberry Pi-compatible hardware is becoming a thing. The Raspberry Pi is a tiny, low-power single-board computer aimed at developers, hobbyists, educators and students. It’s designed as an open platform for programmers, hardware builders, and others… but it’s powered by a rather slow ARM11 processor and only supports up to 512MB of RAM. […]

Habey unveils HIO Project ARM board, launches HIO Wallpad home automation Kickstarter campaign

Habey makes small form-factor, fanless computers for industrial use. Now the company is getting into the Maker/independent developer space with the HIO Project. The HIO system is a modular computer board with a Freescale i.MX6 ARM Cortex-A9 dual or quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM and 4GB of built-in storage, plus HDMI and USB connectors, a […]

Design your own PC with Raspberry Pi Compute Module system-on-a-stick

The Raspberry Pi is an inexpensive, tiny computer that’s about the size of a deck of cards. Now the group behind the mini-computer are going even smaller with the new Raspberry Pi Compute Module. It looks like a stick of laptop memory, and actually uses the same connector as a DDR2 SODIMM. But it’s got […]

Intel Sharks Cove is a Windows-compatible dev board, Microsoft says more to come

Want to develop software for a Windows PC? All you need is a Windows desktop or laptop and some software tools. But Windows doesn’t just run on notebooks and desktops anymore — a growing number of Windows devices are tablets, phones, and other devices which feature embedded hardware. So Microsoft is working with Intel and […]