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Royole’s RoKit is flexible display dev kit for $959

The first company to bring a smartphone with a flexible display to market has now released a development kit for folks that want to design their own hardware, test their own software, or otherwise test a flexible display. Priced at $959, the new Royole RoKit development kit isn’t exactly cheap. But it’s more affordable than buying […]

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PICOmputer kit turns a Raspberry Pi Pico into a pocket-sized computer with screen and keyboard

The Raspberry Pi Pico which launched earlier this year, is a $4 computer board with an RP2040 microcontroller. But for the most part you need to connect it to additional hardware to use it for anything. We’ve seen folks build game systems, eReaders, and other hardware around the platform. Now one developer has designed a […]

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Lilbits: Ubuntu, Plasma Mobile, Snapdragon 888 dev kit, and VLC’s birthday

The first smartphones powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 processor are starting to arrive. And so are developer kits like the Lantronix Snapdragon 888 Mobile HDK. Meanwhile details about the next gaming smartphone from Asus continue to leak, the creators of the popular VLC media player app celebrate the 20th anniversary of VideoLAN, and we’ve got […]

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$59 Jetson Nano 2GB is NVIDIA’s cheapest AI dev kit to date

NVIDIA’s been shipping Jetson-branded single-board computers featuring the company’s processors since 2014. But with prices ranging from $200 to $1099, those devices haven’t really had the same widespread appeal as lower-priced alternatives like the Raspberry Pi line of single-board computers. Last year NVIDIA brought the price down to $99 with the introduction of the NVIDIA […]

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Intrinsyc launches Snapdragon 810 tablet, smartphone devices for developers

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 processor is an octa-core, 64-bit processor based on ARMv8 architecture. Qualcomm says it’s up to 30 percent faster than a Snapdragon 805 chip, supports LPDDR4 memory, and has other improvements. The new processor probably won’t be available in consumer devices until 2015. But developers who want to get a head start working […]

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Google’s Project Ara modular smartphone dev kits start shipping in July

Project Ara is Google’s grand experiment to design a modular smartphone. Want to upgrade the display on your phone? Instead of buying a new device, jut pop in a new display module. The same could theoretically go for the speakers, processor, battery, storage, camera, or any other components. The platform could also open the door […]

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Google introduces Project Tango Tablet dev kit (for $1024)

Google’s Project Tango is a hardware and software platform that lets tablets or phones create 3D maps of their environment so apps can interact with real-world settings. The company launched a smartphone-based Tango developer kit earlier this year, and as expected, there’s a new Project Tango Tablet Development kit on the way. Developers can sign […]

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Crazyflie Nano quadcopter is a $173 open source, programmable flying machine

Can’t wait to get your hands on a MeCam flying camera in 2014? You might be able to build your own… or something even cooler, using the Crazyflie Nano quadcopter development kit. You can pre-order one now for $173, and kits are expected to start shipping April 25th, 2013. The kit features a flying machine […]