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Google Chrome Dev browser now available for Android

Google’s Chrome web browser for desktops comes in three basic versions: Stable, Beta, and Dev Channel. The same is true of the Chrome OS software that runs on Chromebooks and Chromeboxes. And now all three are available for Android as well: Google has just released Chrome Dev to the Google Play Store. You can download […]

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Internet Explorer Dev Channel lets you try new features early

Microsoft is taking a page out of Google’s play book and launching a new “Developer Channel” for Internet Explorer. Now developers and anyone else itching for new features in the web browser (as well as potential bugs) can try out upcoming features before they’re available to the general public. IE Developer Channel is available for […]

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Chrome OS updates: Easier channel switching, file switching, window management

Google has rolled out a number of updates to Chrome OS recently — but to find many of them you’ll need to be using the Chrome OS Dev Channel. That’s the experimental version of Google’s browser-based operating system. It’s where you find new feature first, but it’s also one of the least stable ways to […]

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You can switch Chromecast to dev or beta channel

Google’s Chrome web browser and Chrome OS operating system come in stable, beta, and dev channels. And it turns out the company’s Chromecast media streaming device is no different. Out of the box, the $35 media device runs the Chromecast stable software. But if you want to switch channels, developer Jay Lee has posted instructions. […]

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Google brings dual monitor, extended desktop support to Chrome OS

Google has rolled out an update to the developer channel for Chrome OS with support for extended desktop functionality. What that means is that you can plug in an external monitor to the HDMI or VGA port on a Chromebook and use the extra display for extra space… rather than just for mirroring whatever’s already on […]