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Simply NUC launches Ruby and Topaz mini PCs (with Ryzen 4000 and Tiger Lake chips)

Small form-factor desktop computer company Simply NUC has introduces two new computers that look nearly identical on the outside, but which feature different hardware on the inside. The Simply NUC Topaz is a mini PC with an Intel Tiger Lake processor, Intel Xe graphics, and a starting price of $559, while the Simply NUC Ruby is available […]

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Lenovo introduces Creator series PCs (but they’re not all coming to the North America)

Lenovo is introducing a new brand for personal computers aimed at content creators: the company is unveiling two Lenovo Creator Edition laptops ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show — but they’ll only be available in select markets… not including North America. There’s also a new Creator Edition desktop computer that will be available globally, plus a […]

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IDC: Desktop PC shipments fell to less than 100 million in 2017

Notebook computers have been outselling desktop PCs for years, but it’s probably a bit early to put desktops on deathwatch. They’re still popular among business users, gamers, and others… and according to new numbers from IDC, it looks like notebooks only outsold desktops by 1.6x in 2017. But desktop PC shipments did fall below 100 million […]

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Closer look at Asus 2018 mini PC lineup (Chromebox 3, PN40 and PB40)

Asus is showing off some of its newest compact desktop computers at the Consumer Electronics Show this week, including the company’s latest Chromebox and two new Windows-ready PCs. The new Asus Chromebox 3 features the same basic design as earlier models, but the port layout has been changed a bit and the latest model is […]

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MSI Vortex G25 compact gaming desktop goes Coffee Lake

MSI is updating its small form-factor Vortex G25 gaming PC with a new model sporting an Intel Core i7-8700 Coffee Lake processor. The new MSI Vortex G25 features an Intel Z370 motherboard and Intel’s recently announced 6-core, 12-thread chip. While that’s not the most powerful processor in Intel’s new 8th-gen Core lineup, it’s a pretty […]

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AMD Ryzen 5 desktop ships launch April 11th for $169 and up

AMD launched the first chips based on the company’s new “Zen” architecture earlier this month. The Ryzen 7 chips are powerful chips aimed at high-performance desktop computers. Now AMD is announcing that its more affordable Ryzen 5 line of quad-core and hexa-core desktop-class chips are on the way. Ryzen processors will be available starting April 11th. […]

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PC shipments decline for the fifth year in a row

PC shipments fell again last year… just like the year before, and the year before that. In fact, Gartner reports worldwide PC shipments have dropped every year since 2012. Computer makers still shipped a lot of hardware: according to Gartner the total for 2016 was about 270 million units. But that’s down from more than […]

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AMD’s Bristol Ridge chips for desktops now shipping

After launching its 7th-gen A-series notebook chips based on “Bristol Ridge” architecture in May, AMD says more powerful Bristol Ridge chips are now available for desktops. The new chips are said to offer a 17 percent CPU performance boost over 6th-gen AMD chips, and 27 percent better graphics performance. AMD also likes to compare its processors […]

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Kangaroo Mobile Desktop mini PC review

I’ve seen a lot of tiny desktop computers in the past few years. The Kangaroo Mobile Desktop is one of the most unusual. This little Windows 10 computer isn’t as small as an Intel Compute Stick or as powerful as an Intel NUC-style system. But this little computer from InFocus is small enough to slide into one pocket, speedy […]