Gateway launches One ZX all-in-one desktop with multitouch

Remember when an all-in-one desktop PC with a large, high resolution display would set you back an arm and a leg? Now, Asus, MSI, Shuttle, Acer, and other companies are putting out sub-$600 all-in-ones left and right. The latest entry is a bit more expensive, but also a bit more powerful. Acer subsidiary Gateway is […]

First look at the Eee Monitor all-in-one PC

While Asus isn’t ready to show off its upcoming all-in-one PC just yet, the company did show a few tantalizing images of the “Eee Monitor” at Computex. If you think the Eee Monitor looks an awful lot like an iMac, you’re not alone. But there’s one major difference: The Eee Monitor will have a starting […]

Rumor: Asus to launch EBOX, the Eee PC desktop

Word on the street, (and by Street, I mean The Inquirer) is that Asus is set to officially unveil its first desktop computer to get the Eee PC-branding treatment at Computex next week. The new PC will reportedly be called the EBOX, and like it’s Eee PC laptop cousins, it will be rather tiny. Like, […]