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Raspberry Pi’s PIXEL software now available for x86 PCs

The Raspberry Pi Foundation launched a new light-weight desktop environment called PIXEL a few months ago. It comes pre-loaded with a variety of popular tools that make it easy to turn the group’s $35 computer into a fully-functional PC. While PIXEL was originally designed to work with the Raspbian operating system that’s optimized for Raspberry Pi […]

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Linux Mint 18.1 released, will be supported through 2021

The latest stable version of Linux Mint is available, and it’s a long-term support release that will be officially supported for five years. That means you can install Linux Mint 18.1 today and expect bug fixes and security updates to keep coming through 2021, even if you don’t upgrade to a newer build of the […]

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Ubuntu Budgie is the latest official flavor of Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux-based operating systems, but there’s not just one version of Ubuntu. While the developers at Canonical ship an operating system with the company’s own Unity desktop environment, there are also a number of additional community “flavors” of Ubuntu with alternate environments such as KDE, LXDE, Xfce, GNOME, and […]

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Ubuntu’s Unity desktop environment can run in Windows (but not very well)

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update coming in August includes an unusual feature aimed at developers: an Ubuntu sub-system that lets you run Linux software using a command-line interface. Preview versions have been available since April, and while Microsoft and Canonical worked together to bring support for the Bash terminal to Windows 10, it didn’t take […]

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Chromixium: Ubuntu Linux… if it looked like Chrome OS

Say you like the simplicity of Google’s Chrome OS, but want access to a wider world of native desktop apps. You could use Crouton to install Ubuntu on a Chromebook (and run it in a browser tab). Or you could install Chromixium on just about any recent computer with an x86 processor. Chromixium is a full-fledged desktop-style […]

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Ubuntu 12.10 may get GNOME Flavoring (along with Unity, KDE, etc)

Up until a few years ago Ubuntu Linux used the GNOME desktop environment which provided the basic look and feel to the desktop and toolbar as well as a series of default apps. But starting with Ubuntu 11.04, GNOME was replaced with the Unity user interface which was built by the Ubuntu developers. Users who […]

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MATE Linux desktop environment is for anyone that hates GNOME 3

Linux desktop environments have come a long way in the last few years. Once upon a time the KDE user interface looked a lot like Windows while GNOME provided a simple UI with panels at the top and bottom of the screen. Now the two most popular desktop environments offer custom interfaces complete with custom […]