ZTE Axon V and Axon S Slider have unusual solutions to the smartphone not problem

As smartphone makers have been moving toward nearly bezel-free smartphones, they have to figure out what to do with the components that you’d normally squeeze into a bezel, like cameras. So far the most popular solution has been to put a notch in the display. More recently, some phone makers have removed the bezels and […]

ZTE Iceberg has 2 notches (top and bottom for front-facing stereo speakers)

Notches may be the controversial smartphone design trend of the year. But it looks like ZTE is thinking about going all-in on an upcoming phone by including not just a notch at the top of the screen, but a second one at the bottom. The Chinese device maker has submitted pictures of an unreleased phone […]

Google Chrome (and Chrome OS) hit version 50

Google’s Chrome web browser and Chrome OS operating system are turning 50. And by that, I mean, the browser is less than 8 years old, but after months of testing, Google is pushing the 50th major release of Chrome to the public. Among other things, the update brings improvements for push notifications and media playback to […]

Obi introduces high-style, low-cost smartphones for under $200

There’s no shortage of affordable smartphones on the market, but former Apple CEO John Sculley thinks there’s room for a new type of low-cost phone. His new company Obi Worldphone has unveiled two new phones that will be priced under $200. The $129 Obi SJ1.5 and $199 Obi SF1 are smartphones with 5 inch displays and Google […]

Several Linux distros borrow Google’s Material Design ideas

Google introduced a new design language with Android 5.0 called Material Design. It relies on vivid colors, a lot of white space, and animations designed to make different on-screen elements feel like real materials. For instance, switching between two screens in an app is meant to feel like sliding one sheet of paper over another. […]

Apple to Samsung: build non-rectangular tablets and Bedazzle them

When a judge holds up a Samsung Galaxy Tab and iPad side-by-side and the company’s own lawyers can’t tell the difference, you know things aren’t going well. Fortunately, Apple was kind enough to offer up a few helpful hints for the design crew at Samsung to assist them in their quest to avoid future litigation. […]