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Dell XPS 13 laptops with Kaby Lake now available for $800 and up (Windows and Ubuntu options)

Dell’s 2016 line of XPS 13 thin and light laptops are now available. The new models feature Intel Kaby Lake processors and slightly bigger batteries than their predecessors. But otherwise the new Dell XPS 13 laptops are a lot like the models Dell has released for the past few years: they’re thin, they’re light, they have […]

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Deals of the Day (3-24-2016)

Dell’s new XPS 13 Developer Edition laptop with Ubuntu Linux and Intel Skylake processor options may be available now… but with prices starting at $1550, the new model ain’t exactly cheap. Neither is last year’s model with a Broadwell processor… but right now Dell is running a clearance sale which can let you pick one […]

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Ubuntu versions of Dell XPS 13, Precision laptops now available

Dell is updating its “Project Sputnik” line of laptops which ship with Ubuntu Linux rather than Microsoft Windows software. The new Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition is an Ubuntu-powered version of the new XPS 13 laptop with Intel Skylake processor options, and Dell is also now offering Ubuntu versions of its Precision line of high-performance […]

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Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition with Broadwell, Ubuntu now available

As promised, Dell is now offering XPS 13 laptops with Ubuntu Linux. The Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition is available for $949 and up. That actually makes the Ubuntu model a little more expensive than an entry-level Dell XPS 13 with Windows. But the cheapest Windows model has 4GB of RAM and an Intel Core […]

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Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition ultrabook with Ubuntu gets Haswell, touchscreen

Dell has been offering a developer edition ultrabook with Ubuntu Linux since 2012. Now the company has updated its Dell XPS 13 “Sputnik” developer edition with a new processor, a touchscreen, and a lower starting price. The new Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition features an Intel Haswell processor, a full HD touchscreen display, and a […]

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Dell XPS 13 Ubuntu ultrabook gets a price cut, now cheaper than the Windows version

Dell has knocked $100 of the price of its first ultrabook to ship with Ubuntu Linux. Yesterday the company started selling the Dell XPS 13 Laptop, Developer Edition for $1549. But some astute observers noticed that the price was $50 more than Dell was charging for an identical Windows ultrabook. Now you can get the Ubuntu model […]